Follow up on Leaking Fountain Video

The natural question to ask, or at least one that I wanted them to ask, is “How much water is leaking over time?” To answer this question we ran a regression model to predict the number of drops as a function of time. Watching the water fountain we started a stop watch and recorded the time of each drop. Below is our data and regression model for Number of drops as a function of Time since we started the stop watch.

Table: Drops vs Time

Using the best fit line we predicted the number of drops that would occur for different time periods. Immediately after recording the video I collected 30 water droplets and measured their collective volume. The 30 droplets measured 7.8ml. Using this information we could approximate the volume of a single droplet.

The model predicts that in one day (24 hours) about 2 gallons of water will spill on the ground!


About 4th Order Approximations

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