Confident About Confidence Intervals

I’m very excited! Tomorrow I get to teach my stats class about confidence intervals. We have slowly been building up to hypothesis testing all year long and now it’s right around the corner. It’s so close I can feel it!

Hypothesis testing really intrigues me. I feel like the statistical tools that we have at our disposal are more powerful than they should be. When I do a stats project, I sometimes feel like I’m “cheating.” Taking a jumbled mess of data and extracting meaningful information form it can be quite satisfying.

As soon as we begin hypothesis testing, my students are going to have design an experiment to collect data and test a hypothesis of their choosing. Since there are only four and a half weeks of school left, I hope they can get started soon! I’m very optimistic that the “end of the school year angst” that is all ready rearing it’s ugly head will translate into creative projects.

Does anyone have any creative project ideas that I can suggest? Also, I would like to show them a sample of a well written stats paper. However, I’m having trouble finding one that would be understandable to a high school student. Worst case scenario, I get to do a project also use the paper as an example next year.


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